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About Us

The designer of this site is Lianto Suhardi. I am a student at Katharine Gibbs New York in Digital Media Communication program and right now I am taking Web Design 2.

This site is made in order to fulfill the requirement of a course that I take, that is Web Design 2. The instructor told us that we do not have to concern about the content of the site, we can copy whatever that is related to what we want to make. Though in Intellectual Properties page, I wrote the reference of the sites, either text or images that I use to make this site.

As per the instruction with at least 12 pages, there will not be a complete site, so you will find a lot of pages that have not been done.

For my acknowledgment I thank to all reference sites for all the information given, so I can use it in building this site.

Best regards,

Lianto Suhardi


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